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Fitness Leaders without insurance coverage are in situations of undue and unfair personal risk. If an individual were sued for a bodily injury, or a property damage claim arising out of their work, then his or her personal assets would be exposed in defending themselves against any claim including the hiring of a lawyer and/or paying any settlement.

Through our program with HUB International, one of the largest insurance brokerages in Canada, SPRA Certified Fitness Leaders automatically receive $2,000,000 in Commercial General Liability Insurance coverage with their annual certification.

The Commercial General Liability Insurance program provided by SPRA has a limit of $2 million, and covers third Party bodily injury or property damage caused by your work as a SPRA Fitness Leader. Higher limits of liability coverage can be purchased from HUB International. The policy also provides a $1,000 limit per person for Medical Expenses, which include immediate expenses such as the cost of an ambulance or immediate care of an injury.

This insurance program will ensure you have coverage within your Scope of Practice as a Group Exercise Leader, Aquatic Exercise Leader, Exercise for Older Adults Leader or Fitness Yoga Leader, depending on your area(s) of certification. Many Fitness Leaders working in Saskatchewan are either part-time or contract employees, and thus cannot be covered under a facility's coverage policy. Regardless of where you are leading classes in Saskatchewan, you are covered with this insurance package.

This program only provides coverage for certified Fitness Leaders in good standing. If you let your CPR/FA Certificates or your certification lapse, the program will not cover you until all requirements are met.

A complete description of this program is available here.

For more information, or to print a copy of your insurance certificate, visit HUB International’s website.
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