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We know accessibility is important to you. That's why SPRA now offers online training on demand! 

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Exercise Theory 

Take the Lead! - Leadership Coach

Play Leadership

How to Manage Large Scale & Scope Recreation Projects

Exercise Theory
In this course you will learn the basic theory behind fitness classes including: Leadership, Health and Fitness, Anatomy, Physiology, Applied Mechanics, Principles of Training, Workout Design and Basic Nutrition. 

This prerequisite course is the first step before moving on to our Fitness Certification Modules. Start your journey towards becoming a certified Fitness Leader!

Cost: $275

Take the Lead! - Leadership Coach

Take the Lead! Leadership Coach training is for anyone who wants to build youth leadership and promote active play for youth ages 11-14. Leadership Coaches will gain the skills and knowledge to facilitate Youth Leader training in their schools and communities.

Cost: $32

Play Leadership

Play Leadership training provides coaches and play leaders with the knowledge and skills they need to plan and coordinate safe, accessible and fun play opportunities for children. Topics covered include: safety and risk management, inclusion, program planning, types of play and working within your community.  

Cost: $42

How to Manage Large Scale & Scope Recreation Projects
In five self-directed modules, this course will teach you the key steps to successfully managing large capital projects. With this training, you will:

  • Learn how to hire professionals, consultants, contractors and other experts; 
  • Understand the different construction methods and identify which one fits best with your project, and;  
  • Know how to develop a procurement process to ensure quality, integrity and the best value.

Each module is taken separately and can be completed at your own pace. One you have completed all five modules, you'll receive a Certificate.

Cost: 50$ per module


  • Municipal Purchasing
    • Understand regulatory and national & international purchasing agreements that impact municipal procurement practices.  
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  • Tenders, RFPs and Specifications
    • Learn the types of competitive bidding processes, how to create a fair and open process, and true value for the tax payer.
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  • Types of Construction Methods
  • Hiring Prime Consultants and Contractors
    • There are several different ways to engage prime consultants and contractors. Learn what your options are and which approach will be the best for your project.
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  • Project Management
    • Obtain core fundamentals on how to effectively manage a project with many moving parts. 
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