Please note the following: Exercise Theory is a prerequisite for this course. Full attendance is mandatory for proper training and education. This module is active. Come prepared to exercise.

Regular physical activity makes sense for everyone, particularly older adults wishing to maintain independent and active lifestyles. 

This 20-hour practical course provides considerations required when planning and leading Older Adult fitness classes and the knowledge and skills to design, implement and lead safe and effective classes. Topics include an overview of the changes which occur in the body as it ages, information on exercise and aging, chronic conditions and class modifications.

This course is based on FLC performance standards and guidelines.

*After completing the Exercise for Older Adult certification, leaders may take a Yoga certification to fulfill the requirements of the Fitness Yoga designation. Fitness Yoga can help you design safe and effective yoga classes, including breathing techniques, strength and overall fitness. The Fitness Yoga designation will be granted on completion of an approved yoga teacher training course.