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In response to COVID-19, HIGH FIVE® has launched a variety of virtual course options. For more information, please view our HIGH FIVE® Course Catalogue

Quality Matters - Discover the HIGH FIVE® Difference

HIGH FIVE® training is a nationally recognized certification that assists leaders working with children and older adults in recreation and sport programs.

HIGH FIVE® is a national quality standard that:

• Ensures program leaders develop a high level of knowledge and expertise in child and older adult development; 

• Helps participants, parents and caregivers make informed choices, and;

• Provides leaders with tools to enhance and maintain a high level of program quality. 

Research says that positive and negative experiences in recreation and sport programs have a lasting impact on participants. HIGH FIVE® training provides leaders with the tools and knowledge to support participant’s social, emotional and cognitive health.

Where Can You Use HIGH FIVE®?

Any program, event or organization where children and youth are participating in recreation, sport, physical activity or cultural activities, such as:

  • Before and After-School Programs

  • Sports Teams

  • Play Programs

  • Summer Camps

  • Cultural Events

  • Aquatic Programs

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SPRA Consultant - Youth Engagement
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