• Survey: Parks and Recreation Create a Sense of Belonging and Connection

    In January, we asked the Saskatchewan public how they felt about two statements we hoped would give us insight on the sense of belonging, welcome and community-building that parks and recreation spaces create.
  • Majority Supports Government Funding for Recreation

    In May, we sent out a survey asking whether Saskatchewanians support local government dedicating revenues, taxes and levies to specifically target park or recreation operations and improvements. It turns out an overwhelming majority support government funding these activities. 

  • Educating Kids About Conservation With Fishy Fridays

    Saskatchewan is rooted by its connection to nature and this has been amplified during this time of social distancing. The “Land of the Living Skies” is more than a provincial tagline, it is a celebration of our love of the outdoors, including the wildlife we share it with. 

  • Three Indoor Activity Resources for Kids

    Stuck inside during the deep freeze of mid-January? Is the cold weather making you and the kids around you a little stir crazy? Here are three resources to get kids moving and entertained!

  • Re-Inspire Yourself for Winter Activities

    So, I admit it, I’ve never loved skiing. But my family has done it my whole life and we’ve had something of a tradition of skiing at least one day of the holidays if we’re together. This year me and my siblings did something that really renewed the experience for us – we took my niece skiing with us.

  • Resources for Inclusive Play

    We believe everyone should have the opportunity to play! With October being Inclusion month, here are 3 resources to inspire and support welcoming and inclusive recreation.

  • Back to School Resources

    It's that time of year - Back to School! For those of you who work with school children - or even those who don't - here's a selection of our new resources available free to borrow from anywhere in Saskatchewan.

  • Tips & Tricks from the 2019 Symposium Best Practices Contest

    Straight from you and your colleagues in Recreation, here are 5 practical tricks of the trade:

  • Recreation News Roundup - November 2018

    'Tis the season for funding, planning and winter openings...

  • Active In Minutes