Three Indoor Activity Resources for Kids

Stuck inside during the deep freeze of mid-January? Is the cold weather making you and the kids around you a little stir crazy? Here are three resources to get kids moving and entertained!

For those of you who are looking for new ideas when implementing group activities, this is the book for you!

Clear, concise, with easy to follow instructions. These games are innovative and fun for kids of all ages, and they can be accomplished in a variety of settings. The games are an incentive to get off the couch, and encourage kids to get fit the fun way!

Throw away the video games and have a great time with 201 Small-Sided Sports & Games.

An exercise DVD for children that will deliver non-stop fun that exercises kids' minds and bodies!

Join Deb, Munki and the Move 'N Groove Kids as they embark on a new adventure in the park. Follow along as they ride bikes, throw frisbees and rescue Munki when he gets into trouble.

From toddlers on up, everyone enjoys being silly sometimes.

This CD plays for 50 minutes which works well with programs, parties and classrooms. It's fun and easy for the kids to follow. Includes classic children’s sing-along and dance favorites like The Hokey Pokey, Splish Splash, the Name Game, and more. 

A nostalgic hit of silliness for older children and adults.


Looking for more resources?

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