Re-Inspire Yourself for Winter Activities

So, I admit it, I’ve never loved skiing. But my family has done it my whole life and we’ve had something of a tradition of skiing at least one day of the holidays if we’re together. This year me and my siblings did something that really renewed the experience for us – we took my niece skiing with us.

It was her first time skiing and watching her grow from not sure she wanted to get on the chairlift to bombing the hill in just a few hours was like watching a time-lapse photo of a tree growing, and much more satisfying.  Instead of spending half my time in the chalet, I was enthused to get back up the hill so I could continue to spend time with her and my other siblings.

So, if the -35 windchill and darkness are starting to get you down, consider introducing a new friend or family member to an old favorite activity that you may have left by the wayside. Mentoring is a great way to re-inspire yourself and inspire others. #MentoringMonth