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Get Moving with Pedometers!

Pedometers are a great way to promote challenges or programs and track individual success.

Due to limited availability, Pedometers are on a first-come, first-served basis

The kit includes pedometers to lend to students, employees or community members, along with walking tips, program ideas and an easy five-week pedometer program.

Get Exploring with GPS Kits

Explore the outdoors by geocaching! Borrow a set of handheld global positioning satellite (GPS) units and give your community, school or workplace a chance to try this fun physical activity. The kit includes GPS units, along with tips, ideas and references to get you started with your next geocaching adventure.

Due to limited availability, GPS units are on a first-come, first-served basis

We try our best to meet your needs, but please be aware you may be contacted about the number of GPS units you request or the flexibility of the date that you need them for.

How to Access

To Borrow a GPS Lending Kit from our Resource Centre, fill out the Lending Agreement form:

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