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In a significant step towards understanding the impact of the sport, physical activity, and recreation (SPAR) sector in Canada, the Canadian Fitness and Lifestyle Research Institute (CFLRI) and the Canadian Parks and Recreation Association (CPRA) have launched Measuring Impact of SPAR in Canada.

The initiative provides innovative new research, tools and resources that demonstrate the social, health, economic and environmental impact of the SPAR sector. The research report titled, “The Price of Inactivity: Measuring the Powerful Impact of Sport, Physical Activity, and Recreation in Canada” offers an examination of the comprehensive impact of SPAR.

Research Snapshot:
  • Social Impact: Sport, physical activity, and recreation are powerful agents of social transformation, contributing an estimated $13.6 billion annually through volunteerism alone.
  • Health Impact: Physical inactivity accounts for $3.9 billion of annual health care expenditures. Integrating SPAR into daily life boosts public health, improves physical and mental well-being, and reduces the economic burden of physical inactivity.
  • Economic Impact: The SPAR sector plays a vital role in Canada’s economy, contributing $37.2 billion annually to Canada’s gross domestic product (GDP).
  • Environmental Impact: SPAR can help build climate-resilient communities. The replacement value of aging SPAR infrastructure is estimated at $42.5 billion. This underscores the essential role the physical and built environment plays in promoting health and reducing pollution, while highlighting the significant benefits derived from maintaining and upgrading aging community infrastructure amid a growing climate crisis.

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