The Best Gift - Active Experiences

Finished your holiday shopping?  That’s ok – me neither.  But the Holiday Season is here and I think I’ve identified the reason why I’m procrastinating.  I don’t want to give my nearly-niece and nearly-nephew ‘stuff’ for Christmas. I want to give them an experience, something that they will remember for the rest of their lives, whether it’s learning a new skill or just having a great time.  I want to get them skating lessons, or take them snowmobiling, or hang out in the park and roast wieners in the snow.  Lots of different people, including academic researchers, are telling us that it’s this kind of gift, a gift that makes memories, which truly keeps on giving and makes us happy over the long run.

So I’m researching where to get skating lessons and planning my schedule so that I can fit in some time with them this holiday season, because  introducing these kids to the joy of ice skating is probably the best gift I could give them this Christmas.  Maybe it’s something you should consider too? If you had to choose, what experiences or memories could you give to your friends and loved ones?  A walk in the park with Grandma?  A leisure pass or membership to a local gym?  Yoga classes?  A learning experience for the both of you?  

Active living and #greenxmas are pretty big buzzwords right now, and we all know we need to be more active and consume less.  This idea of giving either your time or an experience  neatly fulfills both of those goals, for you and your friend or family member.  So my recommendation to those of you still looking for the perfect gift, or even those who’ve bought everything they intend to buy, is: Give your friends and family memories this Holiday season.  Our experiences are what we’re really made of, and by giving you also receive.

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