“Saskatchewan, Naturally”...and here’s the proof!

Picture courtesy of http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Tdot778

Like the Saskatchewan, Naturally” sign suggests, our province has a great appreciation of nature and recognizes the value of the outdoors. Nature is an essential part of our surroundings and strong contributor to our health and well-being*:

44% of Saskatchewanians chose where they live partly to have access to nature.

Over 95% of Saskatchewan residents were aware that nature can be essential to:

  • Provide places for recreation, fitness and leisure
  • Produce oxygen and clean pollutants from the air
  • Keep soil fertile and productive
  • Filter water to keep it clean and safe, and; Pollinate plants and crops to produce food

69% of residents were aware that nature can be essential to “reduce or control the speed of many diseases.”

Relaxing in nature, hiking and gardening are some of the most popular nature-based activities for adults in the province but we’ve got plenty of other ideas to inspire your next outdoor adventure! Check out our calendar to find a June is Recreation and Parks Month event near you.

*Information adapted from 2012 Canadian Nature Survey