5 Things You Need to Know About Our Resource Centre

5 Things You Need to Know About Our Resource Centre

Did you know? We are here to help! Here are five more fun “did you know” facts about the services we offer:  

1. You have access to over 5000 specialized resources on Parks, Fitness and Physical Activity, Volunteer Management, Grants and Fundraising and Recreation.

Search and reserve resources today using our online catalog.

2.  FREE!-Now that we have your attention, borrowing resources (including GPS and Pedometer Lending Kits) is free to anyone in Saskatchewan.

3. We offer delivery- Well, sort of……regardless of where you are located in the province, we mail resources and information to your location.

4.  Looking for funding? We provide grant prospecting services to our members. We search specialized databases to help you identify suitable funding opportunities to support your programs and initiatives. We’ve already helped over 40 communities and organizations this year alone!

5. We love encouraging active, outdoor activities like geocaching.  Challenge yourself with a modern-day treasure hunt or maybe a walking program by borrowing a GPS or Pedometer Lending Kit.

Interested in learning more about these services? Contact the Resource Centre today at (306)780-9206 or resourcecentre@spra.sk.ca.