Bullying Prevention and Recreation

The effects of bullying can last a lifetime.

New research shows that the impact of bullying isn’t something you grow out of or can simply shake off. The lingering effects of bullying can last long in to adulthood and can significantly impact overall health.

The study showed, even at the age of 50, victims of childhood bullying:

-Reported higher rates of depression and anxiety disorders than those who were not bullied

-Had poor perceived quality of life

-Struggled to develop social relationships

As a recreation leader, we have a responsibility to ensure our programs and events are safe environments for the participants. And how can we do that?

Quality Assurance – Programs like HIGH FIVE® are designed for front line recreation, sport and after school leaders and focus on the social, emotional and cognitive needs of children. The training helps leaders engage, build relationships and resolve conflict.

Education – The Red Cross has a variety of resources and training like RespectED to help coaches, parents, spectators, officials and teachers ensure positive sport, culture and recreation experiences for children and youth.

Raise Awareness –Get your community, workplace or school involved through events such as Pink Shirt Day which shows your commitment towards a bully-free lifestyle.

Another great initiative is the Canadian Red Cross Day of Pink in Saskatchewan is April 1, 2015!  This is a day to raise awareness about bullying and educate every K-12 student in the province. For more on the Canadian Red Cross Day of Pink visit their website.

Additional resources on bullying are available to borrow free of charge through SPRA’s online Resource Centre.