Kerrobert is Keeping Active and Connected This Summer

June is Recreation & Parks Month welcomes summer and the great outdoor activities that go along with it. The Town of Kerrobert is well on its way to making this a great summer! 

Yes, some activities will look a little different due to COVID-19, but everyone is working hard to make sure that this summer is full of fun, including the town staff, the Recreation Board, Kerrobert Communities in Bloom, the Kerrobert Park Committee and many others. 

Some of the first activities that have adapted for social distancing practices are golfing and fishing with the golf course already being open for the year. The Kerrobert Wildlife Federation has also stocked the reservoir with Rainbow Trout, but of course golfing and fishing aren’t your only options.  As Bobbi Hebron, Kerrobert Recreation Director says, “While some recreational options have been temporarily lost, being friendly to our neighbours and getting into our yards or gardens for that good energy from the warm sun is still a great way to spend the day!” 

The Kerrobert Nature Trail and the Fairgrounds are also open for walking and hiking excursions that allow residents to enjoy a wide variety of birds and wildlife.  How fortunate the residents of Kerrobert are to have such great green spaces!  The community’s annual Summer Program will continue to be offered with local youth leaders.  Activities are being adapted for COVID-19 regulations but everyone will still have a ton of fun with parades, window decorating, the creation of a rock garden with “Kerrobert Rocks”, hiking and scavenger hunts. 

Town staff, Volunteers and Kerrobert Communities in Bloom are busy making sure that public and green spaces in the community are in tip-top shape for the summer.  Communities in Bloom volunteers were creative in having their annual planting day while still ensuring COVID-19 social distancing regulations were met.  The town continues to hire summer staff as well.  “We are very excited to provide extra services to our community through these employment opportunities,” says Bobbi.  “Staff that would normally have been working in our recreational facilities, such as the swimming pool, will be ready if we can open up and until then they are helping in other areas to make Kerrobert shine!”  Recreation facilities will be in great shape when they are able to open again.

Most importantly, everyone has been focussed on keeping people connected through social media and conversation.  Information about recreational opportunities is posted regularly on the Town of Kerrobert Culture and Recreation Facebook Page and weekly Community Updates from the Recreation Director are making sure that everyone knows what’s going on.  Local leaders and volunteers are also sending weekly messages encouraging ways to stay fit, participate in online yoga and fitness classes, have fun with some sidewalk decorating, and enjoy the trails.

June is Recreation & Parks Month – Live it every day!

Great Job Kerrobert!