Nationwide Workshop Ignites Gender Equity Conversations in Saskatchewan

SPRA recently hosted a Canadian Parks and Recreation Association (CPRA) workshop in partnership with the City of Saskatoon, on Thursday, October 5, 2023. Our goal was to bring together a diverse group of industry representatives to meet on Inclusion in Action - Gender Equity in Recreation and Parks. 

I was thrilled to be involved as a provincial workshop host on CPRA’s cross-Canada tour. Facilitators, Nancy Dubois and Mary Chow shared an overview of their research and perspectives on how to build inclusive opportunities for women and girls in parks and recreation. Attendees also had a chance to take part in a facility accessibility assessment. Using a “gender equity lens” delegates interacted and reflected on the design and function of the Saskatoon Fieldhouse and the Merlis Belsher Arena. 

Bringing Saskatchewan leaders in recreation and parks together with CPRA representatives to share thought-provoking conversations on the topic of gender equity was so inspiring. Attendees represented the parks and recreation industry in positions ranging from Recreation Managers, Interior Design Consultants, Landscape Architects, Integration and Stakeholder Relations, Site Administrators and a Director of Fitness.  Attendees specializing in facility development, architecture and design enriched and shared in enthusiastic discussions related to Universal Design, inclusive policymaking, and the future of recreation infrastructure in Canada.

In addition to their on-site tours and in-person Workshops, CPRA will be bringing new resources to our Industry. Plans are set to host two-hour, virtual follow-up sessions with dates scheduled through to the end of November. Attendees from the Saskatchewan Workshop, or other professionals with an interest, can contact Christa Costas-Bradstreet at to register or receive more information. Stay in touch with SPRA as we promote these newly created opportunities.

With the in-person sessions nearly complete and the virtual offerings about to begin, we are eagerly awaiting the next phase of the work. CPRA will be publishing a report on their Canadian Workshop interactions, including examples of provincial/territorial initiatives. This welcome resource will highlight best practices to enhance the inclusion of women and girls in recreation, physical activity and sport.

It was a pleasure working with CPRA and the City of Saskatoon in making this training available. Thank you to the variety of industry leaders who joined us and for those who continue to share and learn with each other.