What's New at the Resource Centre? - December 2017

What's new at the SPRA Resource Centre this December? We have lots of new fitness DVDs to help get you motivated and beat the winter blues. Check it out!


  Title / Author Access Code  [Format]  Date Added

Hot yoga: for beginners / Matt Giordano

BMTZ    [DVD]                2017-11-02

Yin & yang yoga / with Simon Low

BMTY    [DVD]                 2017-11-02

Hula abs & buns: island girl fitness workout for beginners / with Kili

BMTX    [DVD]                2017-11-02

Brazilian body / with Kimberly Miguel Mullen

BMTW  [DVD]                 2017-11-02

Bollywood burn / with Hemalayaa

BMTV                    [DVD]                 2017-11-02

Body exchange: cardio and weight training/ by Louise Green

BMTU   [DVD]                 2017-11-02

Yoga pulse: weight loss dance / Anastasia

BMTT                    [DVD]                 2017-11-01

Yoga pulse: sexy arms and posture / Anastasia

BMTS    [DVD]                 2017-11-01

Yoga pulse: sexy legs / Anastasia

BMTR    [DVD]                 2017-11-01

Yoga pulse: pregnant fit and tight / Anastasia

BMTQ   [DVD]                 2017-11-01

Easy power & flexibility for tennis / with Anastasia

BMTP                    [DVD]                 2017-11-01


Older wiser workouts: easy does it! / with Sue Grant

BMTO   [DVD]                 2017-11-01

Older wiser workouts: with pizzazz! / with Sue Grant

BMTN   [DVD]                 2017-11-01


Total body toning / Kathy Smith

BMTM  [DVD]                 2017-11-01

30 day bladder fix: pelvic floor strengthening / Suzanne Andrews

BMTL     [DVD]                 2017-11-01

Arthritis water therapy / Suzanne Andrews

BMTK    [DVD]                 2017-11-01

Arthritis relief walking workout for seniors / Suzanne Andrews

BMTJ     [DVD]                 2017-11-01

30-minutes to fitness: body shop / Kelly Coffey-Meyer

BMTI     [DVD]                 2017-11-01