Volunteer Week Spotlight: Cheryl Bauer Hyde

April 19-25, 2020 is National Volunteer Week. To embrace this year’s theme - “It’s time to applaud this country’s volunteers” - we'll be using our website and social networks to celebrate amazing volunteers like the subject of today's spotlight, Cheryl Bauer Hyde!

"Volunteers like Cheryl, are such a valuable asset not only the Lakeland District for Sport, Culture and Recreation but so many other organizations that provide recreation services to our communities."

- Lyle Campbell, Executive Director Lakeland District for Sport, Culture & Recreation 














Cheryl Bauer Hyde is a tireless and dedicated volunteer who is driven by the belief that everyone in the Christopher Lake, Paddockwood and Lakeland (CPL) area should have access to recreation experiences. She was a driving force in the establishment of a multi-community partnership that employs a recreation director to coordinate programs, run events and make the best use of each community's assets and resources.  

The innovation behind the collaborative delivery model she designed has inspired other communities to think differently about recreation. Her active involvement on the CPL Recreation Board, the Lakeland District for Sport, Culture and Recreation Board and the Wapiti Regional Library Board brings a holistic perspective to community development that is invaluable to the wellbeing of area residents.