Volunteer Week Spotlight: Arcola Optimist Club

April 19-25, 2020 is National Volunteer Week. To embrace this year’s theme - “It’s time to applaud this country’s volunteers” - we'll be using our website and social networks to celebrate amazing volunteers like the subject of today's spotlight, the Arcola Optimist Club!

"We have built playparks, RV Parks, ball diamonds, renovated the theatre and Optimist Legion Hall and made major contributions to the Arcola Prairie Place Complex. We look forward to continuing to volunteer and make our community a better place for children and their families!”

-Arcola Optimist Club

The Arcola Optimist Club has a long history of volunteerism, all with the goal of enhancing recreation, culture and sport opportunities in the area. Their 32 Club members and numerous community volunteers work together to operate the MacMurray Theatre (which is amazingly all volunteer-run!), the Optimist Legion Hall and host an annual Snowmobile Rally and RV lottery.  

With a 27-year history, their Snowmobile Rally and RV lottery has turned into a major community fundraiser that directly involves 10 other organizations and has contributed close to $1 million dollars to groups and facilities in the area. This Club has transformed the community, changed lives and created a legacy for future generations.