Underwater Explorers at Muskoday First Nation

We're always inspired by the creativity and impact our grants have on Saskatchewan communities!  In 2013-2014, our First Nation and Métis grants supported 20 diverse recreation programs and initiatives across the province.

Here is just one example of how these funds made a difference.

Community: Muskoday First Nation

Grant received: SPRA First Nation Member's Recreation Grant

Program overview
One generally wouldn’t associate Saskatchewan with snorkeling but recreation has no boundaries for youth at the Muskoday First Nation. Through this funding they were able to explore a whole new world below the water line during their summer camps. They enjoyed canoeing and snorkeling in local lakes with their new equipment. They even incorporated rock hounding as part of their program which involved collecting 100s of rocks from the riverbed. 

What's next for the program?
With the success of the program during the summer months, the program will move to the pool during the winter where the youth will learn to hone their skills and prepare for next year’s adventures.

Benefits to the Community
It encourages youth to be more physically active, exposes them to different outdoor recreation opportunities and enhances their appreciation of nature. 

To learn more about available grants and funding for 2014-2015, visit www.spra.sk.ca/funding or contact us directly for helping connecting you to the grants and funding that can benefit your community.