Trends to Watch in 2014

Technology is changing our lives and as a sector it is also changing the way we conduct our business

Viewing technology as an obstacle or threat is not an option for us, as our creativity and innovation is what really what sets the recreation sector apart.

Whether that means making changes to our budget, our facilities, or community demographics, we can never stop looking for ways to make our services more efficient and effective.

So what can you expect from technology in 2014? Here is what the tech gurus predict:

More dynamic data: Data isn’t just for researchers anymore. Information and stats will be made more palatable and engaging; it will tell a story which users can watch, click and explore. For example, some cities are developing interactive apps identifying recreation facilities or parks in a specific area, along with a schedule of their programs.

Tablets will Rule: Over 21% of Canadians already own tablets, so looking two years from now, tablets will likely replace the majority of laptop and desktop computers. Some organizations may even move to BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies.

Multi-channel  Marketing: Gone are the days of just putting up a poster to advertise an upcoming event or program. With more people using mobile devices, your promotions will need to be adapted for different formats and users. So think beyond just your social media profiles, as engaging audiences through technology will continue to evolve.

For more information see Tech Soup’s  “Nonprofit Technology News Celebrity Forecasts for 2014.”

To find out how you can stay on top of the latest technology trends, contact our Resource Centre.