Upcoming Tree Appraisal and Pruning Courses

The Town of Strasbourg is hosting a Tree Appraisal course on Monday, September 23rd and a Tree Pruning Course on Tuesday, September 24th 2019.

The courses are led by Verna Mumby, a certified arborist, who has delivered courses for both Sask Polytechnic and the Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association. 

These courses can be for Administrators, Council, Public Works staff, or anyone in charge of maintaining golf courses, parks, etc. The Tree Appraisal course is especially beneficial for Administrators and Councillors who are working through their Asset Management plan and need to categorize and assess trees for the AM plan, but Public Works staff who deal with trees should take the course as well. The Tree Pruning course is more geared toward the Public Works staff, but Admins and Council who are interested can take it too.

Visit the event page on our website to learn more.