Snowmobile Safety Tips

January 19-25, 2020 is Snowmobile Safety Week!

The Saskatchewan Snowmobile Association is one of our members that directly benefits from proceeds from Saskatchewan Lotteries. The funding helps them maintain quality snowmobile trails and promote snowmobile safety and training.

Before you hit the trails this winter, check out these important safety tips recommended by the Saskatchewan Snowmobile Association.

  • Obey all trail signs, markers and speed limits;

  • Know and use correct hand signals;

  • Learn the language of snowmobile trail signage;

  • Service your sled for maintenance and repair. Check your belt, track, oil, grease, change old fuel, ensure tail and headlights are working, and place reflective material on sled for night riding;

  • Put together a safety kit and store it in the trunk of your sled. You will need a tow rope, first aid kit, survival food, spark plugs and an extra snowmobile belt;

  • Plan your snowmobile ride. Tell someone where you’re going so someone can find you if you are in trouble;

  • Obtain a snowmobile trail map of the area that you are riding in, and;

  • Learn safe snowmobiling. It is mandatory for all young riders born January 1, 1989, or later operating a snowmobile in public areas to complete a safety course.

For more safety tips, maps, and information about a snowmobile club near you, visit