Sask’s Great Outdoors Have Something for Everyone!

Written by Sask Lotteries Communications Staff.

No matter the season and no matter what weather Mother Nature has in store, there’s always something to learn about or to do in Saskatchewan’s great outdoors.

That’s where SaskOutdoors steps in, or rather out.

Photo credit: Jeff Moore
The individuals involved in the organization are passionate about connecting the people of Saskatchewan to the province’s natural surroundings. They do so by delivering a variety of programming and services to all ages that inspire curiosity and play in nature as well as promote ecological understanding and environmental stability. 

Funding provided through the Sask Lotteries Trust Fund assists SaskOutdoors to make those connections in a multitude of impactful ways by complementing their core funding.

“The Sask Lotteries funding helps our organizational stability so we’re able to do those things instead of spending extra time on finding money to do them,” said Leah Japp, General Manager of SaskOutdoors. “It also assists our capacity to run various programs in various places.”

Something for everyone

SaskOutdoors has lots of different ways people can get their nature fix.

If someone is in the mood for easy listening, there are podcasts and webinars that SaskOutdoors hosts with partners or where they interview special guests about environmental enjoyment and education. 

They also have a variety of courses and resources on offer that can help people to become certified in remote first aid, get canoe training or some just for kids and students to learn more about the nature surrounding them.

And for those who want to get some hands-on outdoor experiences, but don’t have the tools necessary, SaskOutdoors even has a lending library where people can borrow everything from themed adventure backpacks, a set of compasses, camping gear and more!

Working to connect with youth

Photo credit: Nichole Huck
Two of the more impactful ways SaskOutdoors has been able to use lotteries funding is with their Indigenous Games & Storytelling workshop and to expand their Get Outside Kids Club.

The latter was created as a result of the children needing activities during the COVID-19 pandemic. While originally focused on youth in the Regina area, Japp says that the funding is helping them to create a model that is obtainable and sustainable and can be shared with other communities across Saskatchewan.

For the Indigenous Games & Storytelling workshop, SaskOutdoors has a relationship with a Knowledge Keeper from Piapot First Nation who teaches kids about the games and tells the stories that go with them as well as stories from his own life.
“It helps the kids to feel empowered and connected when they’re able to do these things,” said Japp.

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