Recreation Professionals Week Spotlight: Mike Schwean

During Recreation Professionals Week, June 18-24, 2018, the Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association (SPRA) and the Saskatchewan Association of Recreation Professionals (S.A.R.P.) are shining a spotlight on the professionals who make recreation opportunities possible through their hard work and passion. 

Today we'd like to highlight the contributions of Mike Schwean

Mike Schwean is the Director of Parks and Recreation in the Town of Moosomin, Saskatchewan. He has been a recreation director for 29 years. 

Here's what he had to say about what recreation means to him, and why he loves working in the field: 

What do you enjoy most about your position? 

My favorite part of this job is opening day at any of our seasonal facilities. Rink, pool, parks, all of them. To see the enthusiasm in everyone’s faces always brings a big smile!

What is your personal passion or interest in recreation? 

Honestly, I love sports, hockey in particular. While I love to play many different sports, I really enjoy watching talented young athletes doing their thing!

This Recreation Professionals Week spotlight was shared with us by the Southeast Connection Sport, Culture & Recreation District

Recreation Professionals Week is June 18-24, 2018 in Saskatchewan.

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