Recreation Professionals Week Spotlight: Andrew Crowe

During Recreation Professionals Week, June 18-24, 2018, the Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association (SPRA) and the Saskatchewan Association of Recreation Professionals (S.A.R.P.) are shining a spotlight on the professionals who make recreation opportunities possible through their hard work and passion. 

Today we'd like to highlight the contributions of Andrew Crowe

Andrew Crowe has been working as the Recreation & Community Development Manager for the Town of Rosthern for the past 7 years, and previous to this, he was employed for many years with Canlan Ice Sports. He graduated from SIAST with a Diploma in Recreation and Tourism Management. In addition to his work in recreation, he also volunteers his time as a board member with the Lakeland District for Sport, Culture and Recreation, and has done so for the last 6 years.

We asked Andrew a few questions about what recreation means to him, and why he loves working in the field. Here's what he had to say: 

What does recreation mean to you?

Recreation means quality of life. I believe that recreation is an essential service that everyone should have access to and should be given the opportunity to enjoy.

What do you love about working in recreation?

I love knowing that the work I do on a day-to-day basis affects the entire community in positive ways, and enhances the lives of everyone within the community. I enjoy the long-term planning aspect of my job, ensuring that recreation opportunities are available and sustainable for generations to come.

Why do you work as a recreation professional?

I work as a recreation professional because I see the value in it, I enjoy helping others, and ensuring that opportunities are available for all members of our community. I also really enjoy the operations of recreational facilities, enhancing them, and seeing long-term projects come to fruition.

Why is recreation so vital to communities in Saskatchewan? 

Recreation is extremely vital to our communities for countless reasons, but I think the most important is the positive mental and physical health benefits that can be obtained through participating. The province of Saskatchewan is under a mental health and obesity crisis, and I think creating inclusive and accessible recreation opportunities at the local level is a crucial step towards reducing the high numbers we see.

Recreation also brings us together, and with the influx of newcomers to our province we need to use it as a tool to build new relationships and strengthen the fabrics of our communities.

Recreation Professionals Week is June 18-24, 2018 in Saskatchewan.

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