Student Success in Recreation and Community Development

Recreation and Community Development (formerly Recreation and Tourism Manage­ment) is a two-year diploma program offered at Saskatchewan Polytechnic Saskatoon Campus.

The comprehensive curriculum is relevant to real world trends and includes topics such as event planning, communication and computer skills, community and economic development, environmental sustainability, management skills, leadership skills, legal aspects and camp practices. The course will prepare students to become a recreation director, manager of sport, recreation and culture, community develop­ment officer, facility manager or special events manager.

Learn more from two of the program’s current students!

Nikki Poncelet


Jared Bencharski 


Nikki went to the University of Saskatchewan for two years with the goal of getting into social work. Her mind was wide open for anything that might have come her way. Her mom heard about the Recreation and Community Develop­ment Program through a friend and thought it would be a good option for Nikki. Her interest was spiked and she decided to try something new.

Nikki did not have a favourite class but she really enjoyed when they did things outside of the classroom. This included the tours, walks through different communities, learning about them, hosting events, volunteering for conferences and meet­ings, winter and fall camp, gym classes and class field trips. Her biggest challenge has been trying to find a specific topic to stay with and move into that occupation after the program. Her mind is still wide open for what comes next.

This program has helped her to learn new experiences and helped her find out what she does and doesn't like. Nikki will definitely recommend the Recreation and Community Devel­opment Program.

Nikki was presented SPRA’s scholarship by SPRA Board Member Coralie Bueckert at the Recreation and Community Development Program Award and Recognition Night ceremo­ny held on April 8, 2017

Jared heard about the Recreation and Community Development Program through some friends and decided it was a program that he wanted to enroll in.

His favourite experiences were spending both fall and winter camp with a fantastic group of people. His biggest challenge was keeping focused on school work with such a busy schedule for the whole two years.

For the next group that comes in the fall he would like to see a few less classes so the students could spend more time doing quality work in all of the classes.

Jared’s advice for the next group coming in is to get involved! He feels this program gives a great opportunity to be involved in numerous different things, volunteer and meet new people. Jared is glad they had such a great group of people who were always willing to help each other, which made the past two years way more enjoy­able.

Jared will be completing his work based practicum with Sas­katchewan Parks and Recreation Association.































For more information on the Recreation and Community Development Program, call 1-866-467-4278 or email

This article previously appeared in the Summer 2017 issue of DIRECTION magazine.