Randy Durovick: Reflecting on 27+ Years of Recreation Dedication

For the past 27 years, SPRA has been fortunate to have the tireless leadership, innovation, and dedication of Randy Durovick on our Team. Although we are sad to be losing his passion and extensive knowledge of our recreation industry, we join Randy in celebrating his retirement on November 30, 2023, and the exciting prospect of his full-time 'life of leisure.'

Randy's journey with SPRA began on October 7, 1996, as a Recreation Consultant, which was part of a small team of nine SPRA staff. Over the years, he progressed into various roles within the Leadership Team, including Membership and Support Manager, Corporate Services Manager, Field Services Manager, and most recently, Partnership Manager.

Hallmarks of Randy's career include his significant contribution to the Building Better Communities team, which oversaw and supported the amalgamation of the nine Zone Sport Councils and 23 Regional Recreation Associations into the seven Sport, Culture and Recreation Districts that we know today. Randy also played a pivotal role in the amalgamation of SPRA and the Saskatchewan Recreation Facility Association, enhancing services for residents and recreational facilities. In 2011, SPRA expanded its reach with the creation of the Field Consultant positions, and Randy, as the first Field Services Manager, played a crucial role in ensuring the success of these positions and their ability to create positive change in the communities they support. 

Throughout his career, Randy has consistently focused on improving the quality of employment experiences in the recreation industry, advocating for life-work balance and access to recreation for personal well-being. At a Tri-Global level, he participated in research projects on industry compensation and benefits and provided leadership to ensure the integration of the Districts and Provincial Recreation Association (PRAs) into the Tri-Global Group Insurance Program. 

Over the last three years, Randy has shared his incredible networking and sponsorship skills through the Partnership Manager position where he created a new Buyers Guide in support of the Commercial Members and manifested new sponsorship opportunities - SaskMilk SaskFit being a key example.

As Randy embarks on a well-deserved retirement, he leaves behind a legacy of positive change and progress within SPRA. His passion for fostering community development and improving the lives of Saskatchewan residents has made an enduring impact, establishing SPRA as a leader not only in the province but also across the country.

A heartfelt thank you and congratulations goes out to Randy. The Staff and Board extend our warmest wishes to you as you step into this new chapter of your life, filled with travel, time with your wife, children and grandchildren, and maintaining your backyard rink! May your retirement be as fulfilling as your time with SPRA!

Thank you and congratulations, Randy. You have made Saskatchewan a better place to live and play.

We invite you to share your stories, photos and well wishes for Randy on his Kudoboard: https://www.kudoboard.com/boards/cyMOjwqf

SPRA is planning to recognize Randy and his contribution to SPRA and the recreation industry during Sparks 2024 at the Wanuskewin Heritage Park on May 7 and 8.