Regional Recreation Practitioner Program Connects Communities

Recreation practitioners are some of the most well-connected people in your community. It is a role that is more than the operation of facilities and delivery of programs. They are community builders. They are quality-of-life specialists. Collaboration simply comes with the gig!

We see recreation as a vehicle to inspire collaboration through the Regional Recreation Practitioner Program. This new program brings together a minimum of three local partners to support the employment of a full-time recreation practitioner in that area.

Each partner makes a commitment to having dedicated recreation staff and our team of Field Consultants will be there every step of the way to mentor, share their industry expertise and be a resource to
these practitioners in their new roles. Residents of Arcola and surrounding area are one of four geographic regions that have received funding through this program.

“This financial support will allow for the time needed to create and develop the programs and events that will make use of the facilities and those programs and events will in turn generate funds to ensure the longterm sustainability of the position,” cites Mayor of Arcola, Scott Tessier.

Partners, the Town of Arcola, the RM of Brock and the Optimist Club of Arcola see the economic, social and health benefits that a recreation practitioner can provide. Their vision for the position is to:
  • offer more sport, culture and recreation programs, providing more equitable participation in the area
  • maximize efficient, year-round use of recreation spaces and facilities
  • provide a knowledgeable, single point of contact for community organizations and groups
  • offer leadership expertise to support local volunteers and facilitate collaboration among local groups and partners
We are excited to build new partnerships and connect with municipalities, communities and organizations that value recreation as essential to our quality of life.