Pedometer Kits with Older Adults

We got some awesome helpful feedback in a little story that I’d like to share with you, our blog readers.

If you didn’t already know, we offer pedometer (and GPS) kits for loan, which we mail out with a postage-paid return slip or you can come by the Regina office on Park Street and pick them up.

Here’s what Catherine Gibson had to say about her experience from Sept. 18 – Oct. 4, 2017:

Eight participants from Forever …in motion at Whitmore Park United Church took part in this project.  The goal was to average 10,000 steps per day the first week and then to increase by 20% for each of the following weeks.  Not one of us ever reached the 10,000 average.  There were some individual days that tallied up to 14,000 steps but that was only achieved by using the step conversion chart. 

The bottom of the conversion chart states Every Step Counts; the problem is that the pedometer does NOT count every step, taking a side step or stepping back does not register. (I tried counting each step while clearing the dishwasher and preparing breakfast and when I got to 100, I checked the pedometer – it read 14).  I would suggest the Meal Preparation and Clean Up should get the same rating [in the Step Conversion Chart] as Gardening.  Using either the pedometer or a FitBit while doing a 45 minute Forever…in Motion class gave results considerably under the 4000 steps calculated from several different entries in the Conversion Chart.

I suggest that a separate set of goals would be appropriate for the older adult: start at 8000 steps rather than 10,000 steps and increase weekly by 10% rather than 20%. 

Periodically using a pedometer [or fitness tracker] for a few weeks should be a good motivator for keeping up this level of activity.  Keeping up this level of activity should translate into being able to increase the length of time that you are able to age independently. The challenge would be to find enough non-sitting activities during the transition to apartment living (where outside jobs are done by others) and on to retirement living (where most of the inside jobs are also done by others).

To borrow a pedometer kit or GPS kit from the Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association, just fill out the request form.

Caption: A Motion training workshop on Active Aging.