Parks Week Spotlight: R. J. Gidluck Park

In Today's Parks Week Spotlight, we head north to the City of Warman to highlight their large community park, R. J. Gidluck Park.

What type of park is R. J. Gidluck Park? 

It's a large community park. 

Where is the park located?

In Warman, Saskatchewan, between Thiessen Street and Centennial Boulevard. 

How does R. J. Gidluck park benefit your community? 

This park is a beautiful and practical green space that can be used for a variety of functions. It features a playground, football field, toboggan hill and various walking paths. These amenities provide opportunities for people to be active outdoors and spend time with their family and friends, regardless of the season.

What makes this park special? 

Located by Warman Community School and The Legends Centre, the park’s location is easily accessible to both community members and visitors. From a relaxing rest on the park bench, to an afternoon of tobogganing in the winter, this multipurpose space is a place to gather, play and enjoy!

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