Parks Week Spotlight: Palliser Regional Park

In this Parks Week Spotlight, we're highlighting the Palliser Regional Park, one of the 98 regional parks across Saskatchewan. 

Where is Palliser Regional Park? 

You can find it near the village of Riverhurst, Saskatchewan. 

Who operates this park? 

The Palliser Regional Park Authority is responsible for its care and maintenance.

How does Palliser Regional Park benefit the local area? 

Palliser Regional Park is a beautiful natural park that provides campers and residents a great opportunity to enjoy recreational activities and the chance to connect with nature.

Located on Lake Diefenbaker, the park is very central for many communities, which gives community members and tourists a great opportunity to connect with nature and recreation.

What makes this park unique? 

There are many different amenities that can be enjoyed by everyone who visits the park. Palliser Regional Park is important for its conservation purposes, but it also provides tourists and surrounding communities’ access to enjoy the outdoors and the benefits that come with it.  

The park includes a campground, marina, golf course, trail systems, beach, swimming pool, hotel, cottage developments and more within its boundaries.

Palliser Regional Park is part of an extensive network of regional parks, which are uniquely Saskatchewan. They are a member of the Saskatchewan Regional Park Association, an organization whose mission is to help develop, maintain and promote the 98 regional parks across the province.