Parks Week Spotlight: Grad Park

Parks can come in all shapes and sizes! Pocket parks are small, outdoor spaces that offer the same great benefits as other parks. We’ve heard of vacant lots, rooftops and even parking spaces being transformed into pocket parks…..the possibilities are endless!

Today’s ‘Parks Week’ spotlight showcases Grad Park - one of Saskatchewan’s very own pocket parks.











What kind of park is it? 

Grad Park is a Pocket Park.

Where is it located?

In Indian Head, SK, on the 500 block of Grand Avenue, downtown.

How does this park benefit the Community?

This park is a great space for members of the community to have a place to sit back and unwind. With benches and picnic tables, Grad Park is a downtown gathering place for all to enjoy.

What makes this park special?

Grad Park was an empty lot that was reclaimed and reconstructed in to a beautiful green space that can be used by all the residents of Indian Head. The park is also maintained by local volunteers.  The park was named after the Graduation Class that contributed funding to the development of the park.  

Grad Park is just one of Indian Head’s many parks and green spaces, to learn more about the recreation spaces in this community, visit