My Fieldwork Experience with SPRA

My name is Benjamin Rumpel and I just finished my Bachelor of Sport and Recreation Studies at the University of Regina. 

As the final step in my degree program, I had the fantastic opportunity to complete my four-month Fieldwork Placement at SPRA. As a university athlete and track coach, I am heavily involved in sports, so coming to a recreation organization was something I was not familiar with. I learned quickly the huge impact that recreation has on peoples lives and wellness. 

Going into this placement I was not sure where I was going to fit into the organization. Coming in I had relatively no experience in the field of recreation, but I had an open mind and was willing to learn. This open mindedness was the best thing I could have done as it allowed me the opportunity to do a lot of things within the organization. I got to help in the promotion and administration of programs, work on internal resources, enhance my personal leadership skills and sit in on multiple committee meetings.

This experience helped me reflect and see that I learned more then I thought I did while I was in school and that I could apply what I learned effectively to benefit an organization. The biggest takeaway from my placement is the relationships I made with the staff of SPRA. They are all amazing individuals that I truly enjoyed working with over the past 4 months. They were always supportive and willing to help or give advice when needed. This placement boosted my confidence in my abilities as a professional. I learned that I can work in a professional setting and put my knowledge and skills to use. 

Overall, my experience at SPRA was amazing. This placement allowed me to grow both as a professional and a person and I was able to meet so many new people and create relationships that will benefit me into the future. The knowledge and skills that I learned during this placement have given me a strong foundation that will benefit me moving forward into my career. Thank you SPRA for giving me the opportunity. This is an amazing organization with even better people.