Lacrosse Unites Generations at Mistawasis First Nation

“Bring back communal recreation opportunities!”

“[There's a] lack of parental involvement in activities.”

These comments were heard from community members during consultations for the development of Mistawasis’ First Nation’s Community Plan.  

Their Recreation Coordinator responded to this feedback and with the support of an SPRA grant, they implemented a new program that brought generations together through Lacrosse.

Running from June 1, 2014 to September 30, 2014, the goals of the program were to:

1. Encourage physical activity in the community.

2. Bring youth and their parents/guardians together through recreation.

3. Expand the sport of lacrosse.

Over 23 youth participated in each session with their parents/guardians. The funding ensured there was enough equipment available and provided transportation to and from the sessions. Our grants offered a community-based solution and got them more active too!

Inspired by this story? You’ve still got time to apply for our SPRA Métis Recreation Development Grant and SPRA First Nation Member’s Recreation Grant. The application deadline for these grants is April 1, 2015.