Not Just June: Let’s Celebrate Parks and Recreation All Year Long

There’s only one full week left in June – the official month we celebrate parks and recreation – but why stop celebrating once June ends? We want you to celebrate all year long!  

We at the Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association want you to celebrate by appreciating how fortunate we are to have opportunities to be close to nature, and play in the ways that give life meaning and come together as a community. We want you to celebrate by getting out and enjoying the activities that bring you joy; whether that’s sharing a walk with family, taking the dog for a bike ride or tending the beloved tomatoes in your community garden plot. When we participate in the pastimes we love, we feel lighter, happier and more ready to tackle the everything that life brings.  

Parks and recreation spaces have featured prominently in the media over the past few months as the response to the COVID-19 pandemic has shut down access to many of the activities we love. Now, more than ever, people are understanding the importance of recreation and parks for maintaining active, connected and resilient communities.   

Thankfully, the Government of Saskatchewan agrees about the value parks and recreation provides and has made steps to safely re-open access to the open spaces and activities that promote our wellbeing. Of course, we must be responsible about the ways we’re choosing to get out and recreate. We must do so safely and adhere to the guidelines provided by the Saskatchewan Health Authority.  

As the relationship we all have with parks and recreation continues to evolve – along with our response to COVID-19 – let’s keep celebrating beyond the month of June. Let’s celebrate by refusing to take the recreation opportunities we love for granted. We know now, possibly more than ever, how incredibly important they are.  

To celebrate June is Recreating & Parks Month during the month of June, SPRA is undertaking a gratitude campaign, including sharing member stories highlighting what makes us appreciate the parks and recreation spaces and services in this province. Throughout the month, we have been asking the public to share videos of why they are grateful for recreation and parks, with the opportunity to win one of four outdoor adventure prize packs.

It’s not too late to submit your video, Visit our website to learn more!