Congratulations on Your Retirement, Joanne Fikowski!

Over the past three years, we have been tremendously fortunate to have Joanne Fikowski as part of our Team - and although we are sad that she is leaving us, we share in her excitement as she retires this month.

Joanne Fikowski, Administrative Assistance

Joanne has been a vital member of the SPRA Administration Team with her keen attention to detail and organizational talents shining each and every day! Joanne has been instrumental in creating and fine-tuning Board Meeting Packages, organizing events and meetings, streamlining processes and so much more!

Our Team is going to miss your positive outlook, quick wit and humour, gardening tips and incredible ability to make everyone feel welcome and appreciated.

THANK YOU, Joanne for your contribution and dedication to SPRA, and we wish you all the best as you enjoy a life of leisure, cooking and gardening with your husband, dog, family and friends!