Seniors' Week Spotlight: New Perspectives on Healthy Aging

On September 25, we brought together 15 leaders from health and recreation sectors for a HIGH FIVE® Principles of Healthy Aging (PHA) workshop in Regina.

This interactive workshop is designed for leaders who work with Older Adults and want to improve the quality of programs they deliver. 

Over the course of the day, we looked at the characteristics of older adult participants, discussed common sensory or mobility challenges,  learned about ageism, and became familiar with the HIGH FIVE® Principles: A Caring Leader, Friends, Play (at every age!), Mastery and Participation.

Everyone left the workshop with resources to support relationships in their programs, activity and program planning templates, and a welcome questionnaire to use with Older Adult participants. Not only that, but each learner received a nationally recognized HIGH FIVE® PHA certification! 

Here is some of what the participants had to say:

 “Some great Principles to apply to my existing programs. As well, new perspective on program delivery and ways to combat participation barriers”

“Great workshop! Really liked how the content and Principles were adapted for seniors and their needs in recreation programs”

“Lots of interested and important facts and strategies that everyone could use in everyday life, but especially important for people who work with and can influence others related to Older Adult programming”

HIGH FIVE® PHA training is about capacity building, quality assurance and providing positive participant experiences. For the first time in Canadian history, people over the age of 65 outnumber those under the age of 15. This means helping people age better is essential and recreation leaders play a very important role in encouraging positive physical, mental, emotional and social health for older adults.

Our current Fieldwork Student, Ben Rumpel, attended this workshop and had this to say:

“This was my first time attending a HIGH FIVE workshop and had a great experience overall! I was one of the youngest participants and I found it beneficial and educational.

It is important to have courses like this to ensure older adults have the opportunities to participate and enjoy recreation in our province.”

As the Authorized Provider for HIGH FIVE® in Saskatchewan, SPRA hosts regular HIGH FIVE® training opportunities. We're hosting a Principles of Healthy Aging Trainer Workshop in Regina on November 4-5, for anyone who is interested in becoming a facilitator.

Keep an eye on our Events Calendar for future training opportunities or if you are looking for more information about this workshop or HIGH FIVE® contact me