Fitness Friday: Taking the Lead - Physical Activity and the Recreation Sector

The Recreation Sector can play a stronger, more active role in providing physical activity opportunities within our communities.

There is a need and an opportunity to extend our services beyond the traditional programming of facilities and implement more programming for activities that can maximize the use of our facilities and outdoor spaces as well as meeting the activity needs of our communities.

Delivering or supporting increased programming that is accessible to all and caters to the needs of everyone in our community increases revenue streams and increases partnerships within the community. It also adds recognition to recreation's role as a  provider of services that meet a national and provincial agenda for improved health for our communities.

We CAN do it, we ARE doing it, and to further succeed we need to report that the recreation sector does support, provide and promote physical activity in our communities.  We then need to BUILD on the service we provide. 

We can be leaders if we follow the required planning and perhaps an alternate way of thinking beyond the traditional service that recreation professionals have always provided in the community.

Now is the time to embrace change, to be heard as a sector and recognize our role in a National and Provincial health agenda and invite others to partner with you.

SPRA has developed the following resources and tools to assist the Recreation Professional and employing agents identify the core areas of programming and planning that will assist the sector in increasing physical activity opportunities within their community.

For more assistance with physical activity programming and planning, visit our Resources page.