Fitness Friday: Bike Safety Tips and Resources

Bike Safety Week kicks off next week!

Whether you are cycling for fitness, or as a way to get from point A to Point B, here are 3 tips to help you get rolling:

1. Choose a bike that is right for you.  Maybe BMXing isn’t your thing but a local bike shop can help you select a bike that fits you properly and is appropriate for the type of riding you’ll be doing.

2. Get your bike professionally serviced. Have your bike serviced at the start of the season. Just as you would tune up your car, your bike deserves the same attention

3. Practice safe cycling. It starts with the equipment-helmets, reflectors and brightly colored clothing offer protection and enhance your visibility on the road or trail. Learning  the rules of the road will help you stay safe and give you the confidence you need to get out there and get rolling!

To learn more:


Bike Safety Resources - Saskatchewan Prevention Institute

Information adapted from: Heart and Stroke Foundation’s Physical Activity Column, “How to Like your Bike”