3 Ways to Overcome the Mid-Summer Slump

Activity ideas to get you out of the summer slump.

You’ve been to the park, you’ve been to the playground and the pool. Need to add some variation to your summer programs and activities? We’ve got some ideas on how to overcome the mid-summer slump!

1. Kick your hopscotch up a notch – Get out your sidewalk chalk and think outside the box and give triangle hopscotch a try. Active Playgrounds shows you how to add a little variety to this old favorite with snail, ladder and alphabet hopscotch and over 100 other playground games.

2. Use your noodle games – Pool noodles aren’t just for the pool any more. Chicken and Noodle Games offers 141 fun activities using little to no equipment.

3. Take a modern-day treasure hunt - Geocaching takes the traditional hide and seek and treasure hunt to a new level, using GPS units to navigate and find hidden objects. It is a great way to get active and explore the outdoors.  So why not take advantage of the season and get set for a geocaching adventure and borrow a GPS Lending Kit?

Looking for more summer boredom busters? Search for resources online. The SPRA Resource Centre has hundreds of free games and activities ideas to add to your arsenal.