Reducing Barriers to Participation

Playing together - new citizens, sports & belonging is a national study that explores how new citizens participate in Canada’s sporting culture. When new citizens were asked how organizations could encourage their participation in sports and recreation activities, here is what they recommended: 

  1. Provide opportunities to “Try before they buy.” –A free or discounted opportunity for them to try an activity lets them experience it before committing.
  2. Promote alternative sports – Think beyond the typical Canadian sports for your programming. Maybe give cricket a try!
  3. A Welcoming Environment – Offering facility tours and providing a welcome package that introduces the rules of the game can help orientate them to the experience.
  4. Create Partnerships – Try developing relationships with groups they are already connected to. This is also an opportunity to share information and work more closely together on program delivery.

For more information on how to encourage participation in recreation and sports in your community, check out our Resource Centre