Disc Golf is Taking Flight in Melfort

In the spring of 2020, the SPRA Framework in Action Grant awarded nearly $50,000 to support community initiatives that showed alignment with one of the five goals of the Framework for Recreation in Canada 2015 – Pathways to Wellbeing. The City of Melfort was one of twelve communities that received funding in 2020.

With the funding they received from the SPRA Framework in Action Grant, the City of Melfort offered a Disc Golf Learn to Play Workshop to encourage residents to get outside and try out this increasingly popular activity. Their project aligned well with first major Goal of the Framework: Active Living.

The City identified disc golf as an activity that would appeal to a wide range of people. This growing sport is easy to learn, great for families and encourages both physical activity and a connection with nature. For the City, it was also a great way to encourage people to use the local disc golf course that was installed in the community by the Melfort Rotary Club. The City had also purchased twelve disc golf sets that are now available to the community at no cost or low cost to encourage continued use of the course. 

The Learn to Play Workshop was held in the summer in a drop-in style format and was free to attend . People showed up in groups (cohorts, families, couples, etc.), grabbed the equipment, and headed out onto the course with one of the facilitators for hands-on experience in playing the game. Participants gained exposure to the sport, learned about the rules, equipment, throwing techniques, and etiquette of the game. 

Representatives from Disc Golf Saskatchewan were on location to facilitate the workshop. A representative from Chance the Gator Disc Golf Supplies was also present and available to answer questions about equipment and accessories. 

Over 200 participants attended the Learn to Play Disc Golf Workshop. “The event was an incredible success and far exceeded our expectations,” said Evan Zimmer, Executive Director of Disc Golf Saskatchewan. The organizers also received lots of positive feedback from the community. Said one participant, “We really enjoyed this event! Now we know how to play properly, and it was super convenient to be able to purchase the discs right there and then.”

Thanks to funding from the Framework in Action grant, the future is disc golf is looking good in Melfort!

The Framework for Recreation in Canada

The Framework for Recreation in Canada is the guiding document for public recreation providers in Canada.

You can download the Framework in English and French here.

The SPRA Framework in Action Grant

Supported through funding by Sask Lotteries, the Framework in Action Grant aims to support SPRA member initiatives that advance the goals and priorities identified within The Framework for Recreation in Canada 2015 – Pathways to Wellbeing. Initiatives will show alignment with one of the goals of the Framework and can be local, regional or provincial in scope.  

The next round of applications open February 18, 2022. To learn more and to apply please visit: https://www.spra.sk.ca/funding/spra-grants/  

For more information, contact:   

Dan Gallagher

Field Consultant

Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association