Communities in Bloom – Now is the Time!

Communities in Bloom (CiB) is entering its 27th year being coordinated by the Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association (SPRA). This volunteer led and partnership-driven community economic development program has a measurable, predictable and accountable return on investment.  Why else should you get involved this year?  Read on to find out! 

Build Community Pride 

We’ve heard this repeatedly, “We need to be part of something bigger in order to engage our residents, businesses and other community organizations.” CiB is the “something bigger” that was needed in many communities. This program is provincial, national and international, based on the Britain in Bloom program that started 60 years ago. For Canada, it all started in 1995 when the national Communities in Bloom non-profit was formed and delivered a program with 29 communities from across the country. Now, the program has now grown to include hundreds of communities across the country through provincial and national programs with a cumulative economic value of over $28 million. 

Being a part of CiB encourages people to be engaged in their community and be proud of their surroundings. This level of pride builds a culture in which residents and businesses care about their communities and property, engage in community projects, and lowers the risk of vandalism, littering and graffiti. 

Community pride has been developed through initiatives such as Floral Display Contests, Best Back Alley Awards, nominations to provincial Special Recognition Awards, Volunteer Appreciation Events, Community Clean-ups and countless other activities that would not be possible without Communities in Bloom. 

Create an Attractive Community for Business and Tourism 

CiB is more than planting flowers, it’s about community development.  You might have heard the old saying, “to be successful you need to look successful.” This is also true for communities. To attract employees and customers, businesses need to be surrounded by welcoming communities that offer a good quality of life.  

Tourists are also attracted to beautiful and inviting places and spaces. If your community looks inviting, tourists are more likely to stop and spend money in your community. I travel with my family across Saskatchewan every summer, and we always spend more money during holidays than when we are at home!   

CiB groups across Saskatchewan make their communities attractive through initiatives such as: new entrance signs, street signs, community planters, pocket parks, street banners, murals and much more! 

Make Your Community a Great Place to Live! 

Every part of CiB is about making our communities the best places to live. Our volunteer judges care deeply about helping communities and our local groups have clearly demonstrated that they want their communities to be great places! Improving quality of life is critical to SPRA’s vision for the future of Saskatchewan, and we are thrilled that CiB is making a difference through its activities. The information, resources and ideas shared through CiB may be just what you need to make a difference in your community. 

Whether it’s a new community park, tree planting policy, or a learn to plant exercise with the local school, all aspects of this program are making our communities great places to live! 

How Can We Help? 

I’m glad you asked! When you participate in CiB, SPRA commits to inspiring you through: 
  • Knowledge transfer from SPRA staff and volunteer judges to local staff and volunteers during the evaluation process; 
  • Ongoing support to participants provided by SPRA staff; 
  • Assisting you with growing community pride by recognizing your greenspaces and CiB initiatives. 
Just ask our existing participants about CiB. They’ll tell you how they feel: 

“We are so proud of the many things accomplished to help Riverhurst be the beautiful village that it is. The judges, once again, were very impressed with the work put into keeping our village so welcoming. We're excited to review the evaluation and start working on their suggestions for next year!”  – Penny Gustafson, Riverhurst Communities in Bloom Volunteer  

“Communities in Bloom has given us the best bang for our buck as we develop a full picture of our community! The program encourages us to look at ourselves from a holistic community development approach and the evaluation process with volunteer judges is an inspiring and information filled experience that I have really enjoyed being part of for the last two years.” - Mayor Amund Otterson, Town of Shellbrook, SK 

- Mayor Sharon Schauenberg, Town of Assiniboia, SK

Take the Next Step 

Are you ready to take the next step and participate in Communities in Bloom?  We are here to help you! 
  • Check-out our website at for more information.  Registration information will become available in February 2024.  
  • Contact Andrew Exelby – SPRA Parks and Open Spaces Consultant at or 306-780-9262. 
  • Visit the Communities in Bloom booth at the 2024 SUMA Tradeshow and the Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association booth at the 2024 SARM Tradeshow. 
SPRA also has some great grants to help. The Parks for All Action Grant is currently available with a deadline of February 14, 2024. More information about all our grants can be found at  

We look forward to helping your community participate - now is the time!