Celebrating Our Staff: Nancy Young

Every year, SPRA applauds the successes and contributions of our team members who are celebrating major work anniversaries, such as their 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25 years of service. Join us as we applaud the successes of this awesome team member, who offers exceptional leadership skills, perspective and passion for their job. 

Nancy Young, Information and Research Consultant

Celebrated 5 years with SPRA in 2020!

Nancy Young is our Information and Research Consultant – after learning a little more about Nancy, you will see that she is perfect for this role! 

Nancy was raised on her family farm just outside of Manitou, Manitoba. Where she lived with an older sister, younger brother, cattle and multiple pets – including ponies, raccoons and a skunk! Her favourite leisure activity, by far, is reading, and according her to parents, she learned to read as fast as possible – graduating to novels by grade 2. She also enjoys swimming, boating, walking/hiking and motorsports in general, including flying. Nancy has soloed a small airplane and hopes to finish her pilot’s license after she is done her house renovations. 

Nancy credits her maternal grandmother as having the biggest influence on her life. She taught Nancy how to properly make a sponge cake and homemade sunscreen. The enduring lesson was to remain objective and hold judgement until she’s learned as many facts as possible.

What Nancy’s peers said about her:

  • Nancy is a tea connoisseur, avid Harry Potter fan and has the coziest sweater collection. She has inspiring bursts of creativity that once you get the ideas rolling, there is no stopping her. 
  • Quiet and reserved but open to sharing options and perspectives.  Always has in mind best interests for everyone involved. Has an ever present sense of humour that shows up at the right moment and puts a smile on your face.
  • The queen of memes.  Always has a great one to throw out and make you smile.
  • Nancy has a unique perspective and skill set that she brings to the SPRA team and to the organization as a whole. Different perspectives help us to offer well rounded information and services to our members and to the recreation industry. 

Congratulations Nancy! We are so thrilled that you are a part of our team and excited to celebrate this milestone with you.

If you’d like to learn more about our research initiatives, or how you can access our Resource Centre, connect with Nancy at nyoung@spra.sk.ca. She’d love to hear from you!