A Student's Perspective On Parks

Growing up on a farm, I never got to experience the benefits of having a park in my community for running and playing.

Since moving to Regina, I've wasted no time catching up on those missed opportunities.

Living on the University of Regina Campus, Wascana Park is like a huge back yard for all the students, and a huge attraction for students needing a brain break. It always amazes me that no matter what time I would go out for a walk, the park was busy with people of all ages. 

SPRA's Recreation and the Quality of Life in Saskatchewan survey results showed that 74.3% of those surveyed agree or strongly agree that having access to a park is important to them. Those who spend time in parks say they enjoy the space for walking, running, riding bikes or just sitting and enjoying the weather.

Parks are a crucial part of any community and have a significant impact on our happiness, and it didn't take me very long to see the importance of parks in my own life. 

Here are some extra reasons why parks are important:

-Provides clean air

-Mental Health Boost

-A place for Physical Activity

-A place for Kids to be Outside

-Protect Natural Ecosystems

-Provide a safe atmosphere

-Promote Tourism

-Contribute to individual physical health and wellbeing

-Result in well-rounded, well-adjusted and contributing members of their community

-Provide connection and attachment to their communities and environment

Moving to the city has reinforced my belief in the importance of parks and green spaces, and I'm happy to see that community members are in agreement with me. 79.7% of respondents believe that green spaces make a large or very large contribution to communities in Saskatchewan. Parks benefit everyone in the community as well as they benefit the economy.

So get outside into the park nearest you and start reaping the benefits of the outdoors!