Recreation Key to a Healthy Saskatchewan

60% of Saskatchewan residents twelve years of age or older report that they are in very good or excellent health but when you factor in the following statistics, there’s reason for concern:

-61% of Saskatchewan adults are either overweight or obese and this number is on the rise

-22% of youth in the province are obese.

-46% of those 12 years or older live an inactive lifestyle

How are parks and recreation a part of the solution?

1. People are more active when they can easily access parks, trails and recreation facilities.

2. Recreation helps prevent and treat conditions like osteoporosis, diabetes, and certain types of cancer.

3. Parks and open spaces offer low/no cost opportunities for recreation and physical activity.

The benefits don’t end here. Check out the Benefits Hub and SPRA’s fact sheet to find out more about how parks and recreation contribute to a healthier YOU!

(*Statistics adapted from June 2014 edition of SaskTrends Monitor)