5 More Indoor Play Ideas for Families with Children

Keep your tiny humans active and engaged during this time of social distancing with these creative indoor play ideas.

It might be mid-April, but the weather is still not consistently nice enough to send your kids outside for long periods at a time. 

To help you balance working from home while spending time with the kids, here are five more creative ideas to engage your tiny humans with fun ways to stay and play inside. 

1.  Introduce Your Kids to Yoga

Yoga can be an awesome way to promote relaxation and stress reduction, while also building strength, balance, endurance and confidence in kids. There are some great yoga for kids videos you can watch for free on YouTube. 

2. Play Hopscotch Indoors

This classic activity is quite easy to put together. Simply use painter’s or masking tape to create the hopscotch squares on an open floor area.

Check out this article from wikiHow for instructions on making a classic hopscotch and how to make a couple variations to increase the amount of challenge and keep the game interesting.

3. Hold an Egg-n-Spoon Race

Step 1: Find Spoons and Eggs (one each per player)
Step 2: Designate a start and finish line
Step 3: Have your child place the egg on the spoon and balance it while racing from the start to finish line. If the egg drops, start over from the beginning.

Pro-Tip: If you are attempting to play this indoors and you want to avoid a mess of raw egg on your floors, substitute for marbles, golf balls or even cotton balls (which will add their own level of difficulty).

4. Make Your Own Mini-Golf Course

For this activity you’ll need to find some plastic cups that can be turned onto their side and taped to the floor. These will act as the golf holes! Next you’ll need to find a golf ball or similarly sized ball and some form of golf club (how about a pool noodle or wrapping paper roll?). From there you can design your home course using additional obstacles and challenges based on the age and stage of your child.

Visit wikiHow for some more instructions on how to set up your course.

5. Learn a Card Game

There are so many fun games to play with a deck of cards and it can be a great way to keep young minds active and engaged.

Check out these 10 kid-friendly card games and try something new.

I hope this post gives you some inspiration about how to incorporate play and recreation into your schedule this week!

If you'd like to know more about how to keep your kids healthy and active during this time, reach out to me or leave a message in the comments section below. 

Kelsey Michaluk
Youth Engagement Consultant, SPRA