Engaging with Nature – Supported by the JRPM Connection Grant

In this blog story we're highlighting three communities who are recipients of this year's JRPM Connection Grant. It focuses on projects that help people engage with nature during the month of June. 

Recreation professionals and volunteers have come up with creative programs and initiatives to keep the spirit strong for the 2021 June is Recreation & Parks Month (JRPM) campaign. This year’s JRPM Connection Grant recipients have some fun ideas planned for connecting with nature. Through education, creativity, and physical activity, these communities are promoting curiosity and respect for nature and wildlife. Some of the activities planned for the month include: Birdhouse and bird feeder building kits, and wildlife observation programs.  This post will highlight a few of the communities that are receiving the JRPM Connection Grant this year. Be warned there is an awesome theme of birding throughout this article!

"Birds are magic," said Jody Allair, Biologist and Director of Citizen Science and Community Engagement for Bird Studies Canada. "That is why birding is one of the most popular recreational activities in the world," Allair said. According to the Canadian Nature Survey, nearly a fifth of Canadians go birding, and they spend a lot of time at it - about 133 days per year on average (Source: CBC Canada).

Among many communities planning these nature programs is the Village of Silton. The community has partnered with Saskatchewan Abilities and purchased bird house building kits for families to build their own bird house at their home. This activity will get families working together to build something creative, as well as learn more about nature and birds. Aside from building bird houses, Silton has also arranged for the Last Mountain Lake Bird Sanctuary to host a Zoom conversation with the community!  

Another great community supporting connection to nature this month with their JRPM Connection Grant is the Town of Shaunavon. Their bird watching program will focus on getting youth engaged in nature by facilitating a photo and drawing program of the different birds they see while exploring their town safely. 

Last but not least is the connection to nature program offered by the Town of Strasbourg. Like other communities, Strasbourg has a plan for promoting education about birds and building bird feeders. In addition to this, the Strasbourg has come up with a plan to showcase a dandelion display in the community, and host a demonstration on butterflies and the value they add to the earth. 

Did you know?

“Birds are excellent environmental indicators – they are nature’s sentinels. Studying birds allows us to understand the overall health of our ecosystems and the environment.” - Birds Canada

These are only a few of the great things communities are doing to connect with nature and how they are living JRPM everyday. It’s great to see all the recipients for the 2021 JRPM Connection Grant doing important work with their funding.

Stay tuned for more highlights about other 2021 JRPM Connection Grant recipients later this month!