Grant Writing By the Numbers

Here are some useful tips when writing a grant proposal!

1. The number of chances you have to make a first impression. Put your best foot forward with a well-crafted grant application.

2. Double check the mailing instructions to ensure your proposal ends up in the right hands and on time!

3. The minimum number of times you should read the grant application guidelines before you begin developing your application.

4. The number of people you should have read your proposal before submission.

5. Key questions to ask about every grant opportunity:

  • Are you eligible?
  • Does your organization’s mission and goals align with the grant?
  • What are your chances?
  • Is it worth your time?
  • What happens when the grant ends?

Information adapted from How to Win Grants: 101 Winning Strategies and 101 Tips for Aspiring Grant Writers, available to borrow free of charge from the SPRA Resource Centre.

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