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Play Leadership

Play Leadership Training ensures that Play Leaders have the knowledge and skills necessary to plan and coordinate safe, accessible and enjoyable play opportunities for children. The training consists of 5 modules, each dealing with a core competency for the Play Leader:

  • Working with your Community
  • Engaging all Children
  • Playing with Children
  • Planning for Play
  • Developing your Skills

Upon Completion of the Play Leadership Course, Leaders will:

  • Understand the requirements to support the aims and goals of their community recreation program.
  • Have the knowledge required to coordinate safe and accessible play opportunities.
  • Develop strategies to address the diversity of cultural, behavioural, physical and personal needs that children possess.
  • Have the skills and knowledge necessary to plan and coordinate free, creative and active play opportunities.
  • Recognize and model the characteristics of a successful Play Leader.

Program Curriculum Revision

In 2015, Play Leadership underwent a curriculum review. As of 2016, all Play Leadership courses will be facilitated with updated materials. Course updates include:

  • Play Leadership is offered as a supplemental workshop to the HIGH FIVE® Principles of Healthy Child Development (PHCD) training – or all participants must be previously trained in PHCD.
  • Recommended that PHCD and Play Leadership training are offered over a 2-day span – and all participants would receive duel certification. All current Play Mentors are also HIGH FIVE® Trainers.
  • Although recommended for employment, Play Leaders are no longer required to prove their certification in CPR and First Aid (Level C).
  • Recommended that learners are a minimum of 16 years of age, but 14 and 15 year olds are eligible to attend. For a community to hire a 14 or 15 year old staff member, the potential employee must pass the Young Works Readiness Certificate Course and parents must provide consent.
  • A Community Programming Manual will be provided to communities who train and hire Play Leaders.

Organizing a Play Leadership Course

  • Step 1: Contact and coordinate a Play Mentor to facilitate the Course – ensure to include HIGH FIVE Training if participants have not taken the course.
    • Play Mentor Contact Information: Download
  • Step 2: Determine a date, time and location
  • Step 3: Register the course with SPRA at least a month prior to course date
  • Step 4: Market the course to potential participants
  • Step 5: Order manuals at least two weeks in advance of the course.
    • Play Leadership Manual Order Form: Download

Program Contact

Karen House, SPRA Consultant - Leadership and Evaluation
(306) 780-9389